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    Youth Division

    At 11,000 members and growing, our youth division currently includes championship play at the high school, U-19, and U-16 levels, in additional to development level programs for elementary and middle school players.  


    College Division

    Over 14,000 student-athletes across over 700 college teams compete in our college division.  This division has competition for large schools, small schools, as well as developmental programs.


    Triple Crown Tour

    The Triple Crown Tour represents the highest level of competitive Ultimate in North America and features teams in three divisions: Men's, Women's, and Mixed. 


    Masters Division

    This age-restricted division consists of three divisions of play: Masters Women's (30+); Masters Men's (33+); Grand Masters (40+).  


    Beach Division

    2015 marks the start of USA Ultimate's Beach Division, with Virginia Beach hosting the inaugural beach championships.  

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    World Junior Ultimate Championships

    July 20-26, 2014
    Lecco, Italy FlagIcon it
    (event website)


    U19 Girls

      U19 Open

    Pool Play:    
     United States 17-0  Israel
     United States 17-0  Netherlands
     United States 17-4  France
     United States 17-1  Japan
    Power Pools:    
     United States 17-5  Germany
     United States 17-3  Finland
     United States 17-6  Austria
     United States 17-2  Russia
     United States 17-4  Colombia
     United States 17-9  Canada
    Pool Play:    
     United States 17-9  Israel
     United States 17-2  Finland
     United States 17-1  Spain
     United States 17-6  Switzerland
     United States 17-7  Austria
     United States  9-6*  Canada
     United States 17-6  Colombia
     United States 17-6  Italy
     Canada 17-16  United States
       * cancelled after lightning delay


    World Ultimate Club Championships

    August 2-9, 2014
    Lecco, Italy FlagIcon it
    (event website)


    The U.S. will be sending 16 teams to the WUCC: 4 Open, 4 Women's, 4 Mixed, 3 Men's Masters, and 1 Women's Masters.

    Event Information:

    Event News:
    Aug. 9
    Saturday Results:
     Riot 17-15  Fury
     Drag'n Thrust 17-10  Polar Bears
     Revolver 17-15  Sockeye
    It was a clean sweep in the open, mixed and women's divisions at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco; the U.S. claimed gold, silver and bronze in each of the three divisions. Finals Saturday added three gold and three silver medals to the U.S. tally.
    The U.S. is home to the new world champions in four of the event's five divisions: open (Revolver), mixed (Drag'n Thrust), women's (Riot) and men's masters (Boneyard). In the women's masters division, Godiva claimed the silver medal.
    In all, American teams claimed 12 medals at this year's WUCC.
    Congratulations to all the teams who represented the U.S. so well in Lecco!

    Aug. 8 - Updates
    Boneyard claims the first U.S. gold medal of WUCC 2014 with a dominant performance over Canada's FIGJAM in the open master's division final. Final score: 17-8.
    Johnny Bravo and Johnny Encore both earn bronze medals with a pair of wins over Australian squads - Bravo with a 17-13 win over Colony and Encore with a 17-14  win over Phat Chilly.
    Aug. 8 (9:30am MT)

    It's been a busy morning (and afternoon) in Lecco. The U.S. claimed their first medals of the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships, and the finals are set with seven American teams getting ready to fight for gold medals. In the open, women's and mixed divisions, the finals are all U.S. v. U.S. match ups, while both masters divisions are U.S. v. Canada finals.
    In the men's masters division, Boneyard is currently facing Canada's FIGJAM in the finals (free live stream from SKYD magazine here: Surly ran through the fifth-place bracket and defeated Vigi (Japan) to wrap up fifth. Johnny Encore is currently facing Phat Chilly for the bronze medal.

    In the women's masters divisions, Godiva defeated Japan's SANZ in the semifinals 17-7 and moved on to face Canada's Vintage in the finals. In a reverse of their pool play result, Vintage defeated Godiva 17-13. Godiva claimed the silver medal. 

    In the women's division, four American teams met in the semifinals this morning. Both games were rematches of the 2013 USA Ultimate National Championship semifinals. This time, Riot came out on top over defending U.S. champions Scandal 13-11, while Fury echoed their performance from last fall and defeated Showdown 17-12. In the bronze medal game, Scandal came out on top over Showdown, 17-10, to claim the bronze medal, the first U.S. medal in Lecco. 

    Riot and Fury will meet in the women's division final tomorrow, another chapter in one of the great ultimate rivalries of the last decade. 

    In the open division, Revolver defeated Johnny Bravo 16-14, while Sockeye took care of Colony (Australia) 17-4. In another championship rematch, Revolver will face Sockeye in tomorrow's finals. Revolver defeated Sockeye at the U.S. National Championships 14-10 last fall. Johnny Bravo is currently playing Colony for the bronze medal. Ironside defeated General Strike (Canada) 17-8 to claim ninth place. 

    The mixed division finals will feature yet another championship rematch from the 2013 U.S. National Championships - Drag'n Thrust will take on the Polar Bears tomorrow for the gold medal. To advance, Drag'n Thrust defeated The Ghosts 17-12, while the Polar Bears eked out a double-game point victory over Canada's Team Fisher Price. 

    The Ghosts earned the U.S. another medal by defeating Team Fisher Price in the bronze-medal game. Wild Card closed out their weekend with a run through the ninth-place bracket. They defeated Shiok (Singapore) 16-13 to claim ninth. 

    WUCC Score Updates: @WUCC_Scores

    Aug. 7 - updates:
    Lots of red, white and blue in the semifinals.
     Revolver v.  Johnny Bravo
     Colony v.  Sockeye
     Scandal v.  Riot
     Fury v.  Showdown
     Drag'n Thrust v.  The Ghosts
     Polar Bears v.  Team Fisher Price
    Men's Masters:
     Phat Chilly v.  FIGJAM
     Johnny Encore v.  Boneyard
    Women's Masters:
     Godiva v.  SANZ
     Vintage v.  Golden Girls
    Godiva wins their last pool play game 15-9 over ROBOT and has an 8-0 record heading into bracket play. They'll face Japan's SANZ in the semifinals tomorrow.
    The Ghosts defeat Hanabi (Japan), and Drag'n Thrust defeats Cambridge Ultimate (U.K.) in the quarterfinals. They'll face each other in tomorrow's semifinal round - another semifinals rematch from last year's USA Ultimate National Championships. The Polar Bears also advance to the semifinals and will face Canada's Team Fisher Price.
    Wild Card wins their second game of the day over New Zealand's Black Sheep to advance to the semifinals of the ninth-place bracket. Tomorrow, they'll face Bear Cavalry (U.K.).
    Ironside gets a 17-8 win over Denmark's Ragnarok in their second game of the day. They'll face Lucky Grass (Russia) tomorrow in the semifinals of the ninth-place bracket.
    Aug. 7 - pt. 1

    Lots of close games this morning, and the first three U.S. teams were knocked out of gold-medal contention. Ironside (M) and Wild Card (X) both lost on universe point in their pre-quarterfinal games - Ironside to Buzz Bullets and Wild Card to cross-town friends/foes the Ghosts. In the men's masters division, Surly lost a close one in the quarterfinals, 15-17, to Australia's Phat Chilly. Ironside and Wild Card will fight for ninth place, while Surly will fight for fifth. 

    Each of the remaining teams are still in the hunt. Riot (W) and Revolver (M) both won on double-game point in the quarterfinals - Riot against Japan's UNO and Revolver against the U.K.'s Clapham Ultimate. Riot will face Scandal tomorrow in the semis. On the other side of the women's bracket, Fury won a tight one against Japan's HUCK in the quarterfinals to advance. They'll face Showdown, who defeated Canada's Traffic, in an all-American semifinal round - also rematches of last year's USA Ultimate National Championship semfinals. Johnny Bravo earned their way into the semifinals with a win over the Buzz Bullets, while Sockeye defeated familiar foes, Canada's Furious George, to advance. Bravo will face Revolver in the semifinal, a rematch of last month's U.S. Open Championship final. Sockeye gets Australia's Colony. Semifinals in the open and women's divisions will take place tomorrow. 
    In the mixed division, Drag'n Thrust and the Polar Bears both earned convincing wins in the quarterfinals and will face the U.K.'s Cambridge Ultimate and Australia's Roadkill, respectively, in the semifinals this afternoon. 

    Boneyard and Johnny Encore are onto the semifinal round and will face each other. It's a familiar situation for these teams - they battled in the semifinals of last year's USA Ultimate Masters Championships. Boneyard came out on top in that contest. 

    Godiva is currently playing their last pool play game of the tournament against the U.K.'s ROBOT, with eyes on remaining undefeated. No matter what happens in this last round of pool play, Godiva will advance to tomorrow's semifinal round. 


    Aug. 6

    After Wednesday play, all 16 U.S. teams are still in the hunt for gold medals. Most divisions were in power pools Wednesday, and the only American losses came against fellow American teams. Scandal defeated Showdown in the women's division, and Polar Bears defeated Wild Card, both in the first round of today's play. At least one team will be knocked out of contention in the mixed division tomorrow - Wild Card again will face off against another U.S. team; this time, it's fellow Bostonians The Ghosts in the pre-quarters.

    Ironside faces a tough pre-quarterfinal match up of their own. They'll meet Japan after the Buzz Bullets lost on double-game point to Canada's Phoenix. 

    The men's masters division is into quarterfinals tomorrow morning, with all three U.S. teams having survived the pre-quarters this afternoon. In the women's masters division, Godiva sits atop the pool and will face Japan's SANZ tomorrow morning, in the first of two remaining pool play games.    

    Championship brackets are posted at

    Aug. 5

    Tuesday's competition finished up pool play, with the American teams still looking good.

    In the men's masters division, Johnny Encore lost a close game to Canada's FIGJAM, but all other U.S. teams were undefeated on the day. All 16 U.S. teams will move into tomorrow's power pool round. The 9:00am round (local time) will include two U.S. v. U.S. match ups: Polar Bears v. Wild Card in the mixed division and Scandal v. Showdown in the women's division. 

    Schedules for later rounds will be determined after the results of the power pools are in. Stay tuned to for updates.

    Aug. 4
    WUCC play is underway in Lecco! After day one, the U.S. teams look strong. There were two losses on the day from American teams: Showdown fell to HUCK (Japan) and Wild Card was defeated by Cambridge Ultimate Society (UK).
    Revised formats and game schedules are still being discussed to compensate for delays and cancellations due to the flooded fields.
    Aug. 3

    WFDF releases updates on scheduled play after games were cancelled due to flooded fields.

    Aug. 2
    Day one of the event has been cancelled due to flooding. Sunday games have been moved to Tuesday. Monday's schedule remains unchanged.




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