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College Division

College Division Volunteer Structure

The volunteer structure for the college series has been modified to better match the new competitive structure.  Along with the addition of the National Women's College Director and National Division-III College Director positions, the regional college directors now have a team of division specific coordinators to oversee competition in the region.  For job descriptions of the positions, visit our Get Involved page.

College Division Coordinators

Position Alias Name
National Men's College Director nocd@usaultimate.org Jeff Kula
National Women's College Director nwcd@usaultimate.org Beth Nakamura
National Division-III College Director nd3cd@usaultimate.org Kevin Kula 
National Developmental College Coordinator ndevcc@usaultimate.org Amy Hudson
College Eligibility Chair coll_elig_comm@usaultimate.org Noel Howlett


Region Position Alias Name
Atlantic Coast Men's College Director crd_ac_o@usaultimate.org Dave Branick
Atlantic Coast Women's College Director crd_ac_w@usaultimate.org Meg Duffy
Atlantic Coast Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_ac_d1o@usaultimate.org Jacob Nuxoll 
Atlantic Coast Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_ac_d1w@usaultimate.org Sarah Lord
Atlantic Coast Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_ac_d3o@usaultimate.org Alex Lichtenstein
Atlantic Coast Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_ac_d3w@usaultimate.org Dimitry Briskin 
Atlantic Coast Developmental College Coordinator cc_ac_dev@usaultimate.org Emily McAfee
Great Lakes Men's College Director crd_gl_o@usaultimate.org Chris Leeson
Great Lakes Women's College Director crd_gl_w@usaultimate.org Lindsey Kappen
Great Lakes Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_gl_d1o@usaultimate.org Mark Worsfold
Great Lakes Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_gl_d1w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Great Lakes Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_gl_d3o@usaultimate.org pending*
Great Lakes Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_gl_d3w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Great Lakes Developmental College Coordinator cc_gl_dev@usaultimate.org Matt Rekart 
Metro East Men's College Director crd_me_o@usaultimate.org vacant *
Metro East Women's College Director crd_me_w@usaultimate.org Hayley Mattice
Metro East Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_me_d1o@usaultimate.org vacant *
Metro East Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_me_d1w@usaultimate.org pending*
Metro East Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_me_d3o@usaultimate.org Justin Aragosa
Metro East Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_me_d3w@usaultimate.org Jess Waugaman
Metro East Developmental College Coordinator cc_me_dev@usaultimate.org vacant *
New England Men's College Director crd_ne_o@usaultimate.org vacant *
New England Women's College Director crd_ne_w@usaultimate.org vacant *
New England Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_ne_d1o@usaultimate.org Brendan Wallace
New England Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_ne_d1w@usaultimate.org Hannah Kerman
New England Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_ne_d3o@usaultimate.org Rob Ballantine
New England Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_ne_d3w@usaultimate.org vacant *
New England Developmental College Coordinator cc_ne_dev@usaultimate.org vacant *
North Central Men's College Director crd_nc_o@usaultimate.org Santiago Escobar
North Central Women's College Director crd_nc_w@usaultimate.org Kayla Emrick
North Central Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_nc_d1o@usaultimate.org Scott Sawinski
North Central Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_nc_d1w@usaultimate.org Amelia Cuarenta
North Central Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_nc_d3o@usaultimate.org Wyatt See
North Central Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_nc_d3w@usaultimate.org vacant *
North Central Developmental College Coordinator cc_nc_dev@usaultimate.org Jim Aspholm 
Northwest Men's College Director crd_nw_o@usaultimate.org Angela Tocchi
Northwest Women's College Director crd_nw_w@usaultimate.org Anna Thorn
Northwest Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_nw_d1o@usaultimate.org Kevin Ryder
Northwest Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_nw_d1w@usaultimate.org Alyssa Weatherford
Northwest Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_nw_d3o@usaultimate.org vacant *
Northwest Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_nw_d3w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Northwest Developmental College Coordinator cc_nw_dev@usaultimate.org pending*
Ohio Valley Men's College Director crd_ov_o@usaultimate.org vacant *
Ohio Valley Women's College Director crd_ov_w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Ohio Valley Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_ov_d1o@usaultimate.org vacant *
Ohio Valley Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_ov_d1w@usaultimate.org Abbey Geib
Ohio Valley Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_ov_d3o@usaultimate.org pending*
Ohio Valley Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_ov_d3w@usaultimate.org Valerie Estela
Ohio Valley Developmental College Coordinator cc_ov_dev@usaultimate.org vacant *
South Central Men's College Director crd_sc_o@usaultimate.org Calvin Lin
South Central Women's College Director crd_sc_w@usaultimate.org Lauren Boyle 
South Central Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_sc_d1o@usaultimate.org Whit Perkins
South Central Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_sc_d1w@usaultimate.org Emily Stege
South Central Division-III Men's College Coordinator cc_sc_d3o@usaultimate.org Will Dockery
South Central Division-III Women's College Coordinator cc_sc_d3w@usaultimate.org Christy Cheung
South Central Developmental College Coordinator cc_sc_dev@usaultimate.org pending*
Southeast Men's College Director crd_se_o@usaultimate.org John Rhodes Martin
Southeast Women's College Director crd_se_w@usaultimate.org Katie Fox
Southeast Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_se_d1o@usaultimate.org Andrew Francis 
Southeast Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_se_d1w@usaultimate.org Kristin Lloyd
Southeast Division-III College Coordinator cc_se_d3@usaultimate.org Michael Venezia
Southeast Developmental College Coordinator cc_se_dev@usaultimate.org Rommel Rana 
Southwest Men's College Director crd_sw_o@usaultimate.org Karen Brohard
Southwest Women's College Director crd_sw_w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Southwest Division-I Men's College Coordinator cc_sw_d1o@usaultimate.org Kerry Karter
Southwest Division-I Women's College Coordinator cc_sw_d1w@usaultimate.org vacant *
Southwest Division-III College Coordinator cc_sw_d3o@usaultimate.org pending*
Southwest Developmental College Coordinator cc_sw_dev@usaultimate.org Brett Carr

 * to apply, fill out this application and send to ncd@usaultimate.org


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