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The following information can be used to help guide current USA Ultimate affiliates to both initial and annually available/renewable resources, benefits and compliance documents. 


Any local disc organization interested in becoming an affiliate of USA Ultimate must first submit an application.

Application to Become an Affiliate of USA Ultimate.

(Online form)


Once an organization's application has been approved, the organization can then submit the following compliance documents:


Affiliate Operations Manual and Agreement 

(PDF file; open in Adobe Acrobat in order to type in details electronically.  Fill out Appendix A and have the organization president sign at bottom of page 10, retaining a copy for the organization's records.  Electronic signatures will be accepted.)


Annual Board Report & Feedback 

(Online form/survey, which helps USAU staff effectively track, report, serve, and support your authorized contacts, positions, goals, and strategies.)


Proof of directors and officers insurance (D&O) coverage or a completed D&O application.  

(Coverage is available through USAU's carrier for as low as $495/year, or have USAU cover the premium up to $750/year with a minimum 3-year commitment to the Affiliate program.)


Application for Local Outreach Representative

(LOR, the designated contact for your organization who will respond to any public inquiries about local ultimate opportunities.)




Existing affiliates will be asked to ensure completion of the following each year:


Operate at least 2 sanctioned events for the local ultimate community served by the organization, at least one program for youth, including the membership, waiver and youth safety requirements.


Send at least one representative to the annual US Open Convention that is currently being hosted in early August in conjunction with YCC in Blaine, MN (just north of Minneapolis-St Paul).


Run a minimum of one USA Ultimate Outreach or Education program (e.g., GUM, LTP, CDP, OCP, PE outreach, etc) in the local community each calendar year.


Renew the D&O insurance application as needed, based on individual policy dates, in order to maintain appropriate coverage of your board, officer and/or staff decisions and actions.


Complete the annual Affiliate Board Report & Feedback survey which includes a component that renews the Operations Manual and Agreement and a component that changes or confirms the designated Local Outreach Rep (LOR)

Due by February 1 each year to help USAU staff to:
(a) effectively track, report, serve and support your authorized contacts, goals, and strategies;
(b) evaluate the program &/or identify potential improvements;
(c) affirm the continuing relationship between organizations
(d) identify the appropriate person to be listed as the contact for public inquiries.


Contact <affiliate@usaultimate.org> or 719-219-8322 x112 with any questions.